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Create Your Own Plush Animal Experience!


Offering more than just your regular party or event! 

Get Your Kit Now!!

Make a Friend, Make a Memory

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Pack-A-Plushie is a great option to the present-day party or event "go-to's."

A Plushpert will bring a Pack-A-Plushie stuffing machine to your home, school, or venue. The Plushers (participants of the party or event) can pack their own Plushie, make a wish to last a lifetime, and dress them how ever they like!

If you are looking for a fun way to raise money for schools or daycares, Pack-A-Plushie can help!  We bring the field trip to you.  We bring our unique portable stuffing machine(s), variety of plushies, clothing, accessories, and optional customized shirts with your school mascot or logo.  All you need to make your school and child proud!

Book Online 

To book a party or event contact a plush-pert today, for details!

 Private Parties

The Possibilities are Endless! Pack-A-Plushie offers a personalized, yet fun experience where our stuff-your-own plushie service travels to your location. A plush-pert will help assist you and your party crew as you plush your new friend!

Business Promotions

Are you looking to say thank you to your employees or your customers? Maybe, you are looking for a fun bonding exercise with your crew? Well, Pack-A-Plushie is right for you! Check out our options that will be right for you.

Schools & Daycares

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Pick Your Plushie 

Our plushies provide happiness and comfort to everyone!

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