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Who are we?

Birmingham, Alabama, USA downtown city s

PACK-A-PLUSHIE is a family owned and operated entertainment company headquartered in Birmingham, Al.  Our goal is to bring a unique, entertaining, and efficient event idea to our local COMMUNITY.

We offer a create your own Plushie Experience that travels right to your event or party. We have an assortment of adorable PLUSHIES to choose from and create custom t-shirts to "MAKE A FRIEND and MAKE A MEMORY"! 

Are you looking for an exciting event idea?  Look no further as PACK-A-PLUSHIE can help!  We look forward to bringing our exclusive stuffing machine(s), polite staff, and PLUSHIE selection to your next big EVENT.​

What do we do?


Pack-A-Plushie is a creative and engaging supplement to any party or event!  If you are able to dream it, we can provide it.  Every party is hosted by a friendly “Plushpert” who will help with creating stuff animal friends and make sure that everyone has an abundance of fun.

This budget-friendly party choice is the way to ensure you leave your guests with lasting memories!

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